Khushpal Pawar

The Three Step Plan

1. Transparency

Transparency in Peel schools would allow for better communication between staff, parents, and students. Parents and students should be aware of their rights and how their money is being utilized. Clearer transparency practices will help further engage the community and students in their education.

2. Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular opportunities are essential to developing and nurturing students. Khushpal aims to promote and advocate for more extracurricular funding and opportunities through events such as Elevate, which is a Peel wide bhangra and hip-hop competition Khushpal and the Elevate Committee organized.

3. Anti-Violence/Anti-Drug

Unfortunately, some students get involved with drugs or gang culture. Khushpal wants to ensure students have the resources they need to maintain themselves on a better pathway in life. Khushpal wishes to promote career workshops, mentorship programs, and school extracurriculars to better engage students.