Khushpal Pawar

A Young LEader

Khushpal Pawar is a dedicated and passionate leader that has worked tirelessly to improve education and increase youth engagement in the community. He has served as a Student Trustee for the Peel District School Board, as Communications Officer for the Public Board Council, and is the Founder of Rise Above Adversity Youth Organization. Khushpal has worked on numerous projects that have brought forward engaging opportunities to youth in Peel. He believes the youth in Peel are in dire need of a role model who they can relate to, and with whom parents can work with to improve education. Khushpal is attending the University of Toronto to complete his degree as a Specialist in Political Science and History. Khushpal has demonstrated that improving education is a combined effort and that he carries the skill set to collaborate with staff, students, and parents to bring forward positive change.

Peel North Student Trustee

During his Student Trustee term, Khushpal successfully implemented the transparency of Peel schools’ extracurricular budgets. He conducted a survey with school Presidents across Peel and then established a report highlighting the growing concerns with lack of transparency. After months of conversation and advocacy, Khushpal announced that the change would be implemented for the upcoming school year. He believes that students and parents should be made aware of how schools allocate the money collected from Student Activity Fees at the beginning of each school year. He believes financial transparency allows for better communication between staff, parents, and students. Moreover, transparent budgets establish greater accountability towards responsible spending. Khushpal chose to pursue this change at the Peel Board because he strongly believes all students should have equitable extracurricular opportunities despite the school they attend.

Furthermore, Khushpal led Elevate with the Elevate Committee, which is a Peel wide bhangra and hip-hop competition. Over 500 parents, students, performers, and volunteers attended Elevate this past school year. Elevate highlighted and celebrated the diversity and talent that is prominent in Peel. Director of Education Peter Joshua was present at the event, along with many Superintendents of Education and school staff. At the event, Khushpal was presented with an “Award of Diligence” for his focus and dedication on events such as Elevate that help shine light on the importance of extracurriculars.

In addition, he was a contributor to Peel Film Festival, Peel Talks, and an Eco-Schools Initiative which helped support his goal to promote extracurricular opportunities. Khushpal also visited many of the schools he represented as Student Trustee. He understood visiting schools would allow him to better engage with and hear from students and administration. As a result of his visits to schools, he worked with the Peel Board to promote the Champions Mental Health Initiative which encourages student input on improving the environments of Peel Schools.


Communications Officer for Public Board Council

As the Communications Officer for the Public Board Council, which is under the Ontario Student Trustees Association, Khushpal served all Public Board students across Ontario. In his role, Khushpal worked to highlight the “Student Platform” which was established by the Ontario Student Trustees Association to lobby the Provincial Government in the past election. The Student Platform highlighted 21st century learning, equitable opportunities, and mental health as key needs of students across Ontario. Also, Khushpal represented the Peel District School Board at numerous conferences discussing improving education.


Community Involvement

Khushpal is very passionate about volunteerism and being involved within the community. He selflessly spends numerous weeks planning projects to aid the community.

The Rise Above Adversity Youth Organization was established by Khushpal and his close friends after they noticed a lack of the youth’s involvement in the community. The organization is aimed at increasing youth involvement in the community. RAA was launched after partnering with Volunteer MBC. Together they organized the “RISE” Conference which highlighted the growing concerns the youth faced in the community. Participants of the conference put together different proposals on how elected officials can work towards resolving these concerns. The proposals were put together in final report and released.

Additionally, Rise Above Adversity organized the “Brampton Youth Town Hall” with Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey. The aim of the Youth Town Hall was to address concerns the youth faced in the community directly with Brampton’s Mayor. Rise Above Adversity is in the planning stages of structuring a “Model City Hall” and an initiative to aid the homeless. Along with his organization, Khushpal has volunteered with his school's Sikh Student Association, CIBC’s Run for the Cure, and the Brampton North Youth Council.